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Duck Toilet freshener Fresh Discs Marine 36 mL

Duck Toilet Freshener Fresh Discs Marine 36 ML

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Duck® Fresh Discs® gel for cleaning and refreshing the toilet bowl adheres perfectly to the toilet bowl, and the scent shield of the refreshingly pleasant ocean lasts up to 12 weeks, protecting your toilet bowl from unpleasant odors and dirt. Each time you rinse, it leaves a protective layer that helps prevent limescale and bacteria build-up, along with a pleasant ocean scent. Duck® Fresh Discs® toilet bowl cleaning and refreshing gel is placed vertically on the inside wall of the toilet bowl, close to the edge, where the water stream can activate it. Duck® Fresh Discs® cleaning and refreshing gel is also suitable for septic tanks.

Product description

ManufacturerS.C. Johnson Italy S.r.l.P.le M.M. Burke, 3, 20044 Arese (MI), Italija
Country/place of originItaly, EU
InstructionsMake sure the toilet bowl is clean. 1. CLICK. Align the button on the filling with the holes on the applicator. Remove the cork and save it. 2. POSITION. Place the transparent end of the applicator vertically on the inside wall of the toilet bowl, close to the edge, where the water jet can activate it. 3. APPLY. Push the button towards the wall of the toilet bowl until it jumps into the next hole. Do not turn the applicator. 4. CLOSE THE APPLICATOR. Pull the applicator back after stamping the disc on the wall. Close the product tightly after use. Run the water to activate the disc.

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