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Tommy and the University Hospital Centre Split

On the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays, Tommy has donated the amount of HRK 200,000.00 to the University Hospital Centre Split (KBC Split).

This year, Tommy decided to redirect funds aimed for the holiday marketing campaign to this humanitarian donation.
The entire amount is aimed to improve the medical treatment conditions of the patients with Covid-19 infection, and will be distributed where necessary in accordance with the priorities set by KBC Split.

This year, in the health care system, great efforts were and are still being made for the medical treatment of patients, so we decided to allocate and donate funds which will be used by KBC Split to improve medical treatment conditions of the patients with Covid-19 infection.

In this way, we would like to thank the entire KBC Split team for the enormous efforts made by all the staff, especially by medical professionals, in order to protect the health of the patients.
We are proud that in these specific economic circumstances, as an economic leader among the companies in Dalmatia, we can make our contribution to the community, and in that way show a high level of solidarity and responsibility in these challenging times.
This is only one in a series of activities of our company as a socially responsible economic operator, with which we support humanitarian and charitable projects.
Today’s donation is the second action of the humanitarian partnership with KBC Split this year, since at the beginning of the year we also donated funds (HRK 323,566.00) to the Children’s Hospital in the humanitarian action ‘Be children’s friend’.