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Tommy’s prize game called ‘385’ has begun. It has been designed and prepared as a specific project in order to encourage the purchase of products from domestic food producers and to support the development of the Croatian economy.

It is a unique prize game concept, which, apart from a rich prize fund for customers, draws attention to raising awareness about the necessity to purchase products from Croatian food producers, and the symbolism of the number ‘385’ instructs all customers to prefer and choose products whose codes begin with ‘385’ when shopping, because it guarantees that they have bought the products of Croatian companies.
The purchase of such products strengthens the links between domestic customers and food producers, and this also guarantees better development prospects of the entire economy. The message ‘Tommy knows that you love Croatian’ is an inspiration which needs to be kept in mind when buying responsibly, and in this way we are sending a message to the domestic food producers that they are our first choice and that we are supporting them in this way.
As one of the leaders in the Croatian retail trade, Tommy is continuously advocating the need to encourage the Croatian production and food producers. This is visible in the assortment where the vast majority of products are those from domestic suppliers.
With this campaign we want to further encourage the sale of Croatian products and in that way actively contribute not only to the development of the Croatian companies and the overall national economy, but also to job preservation, which is especially important when we are facing specific and extraordinary situations which negatively affect economic trends. By cooperating with numerous domestic suppliers and especially with a number of small and medium-sized local producers, we are actively encouraging their development, which is especially important when it comes to agricultural and food production, in order to stimulate production and increase the level of self-sufficiency in production.
This campaign is also supported by the Croatian Chamber of Economy, as a partner in promoting the development of the domestic economy, and in this campaign our goal is to additionally promote products with labels „Hrvatska kvaliteta“ ('Croatian Quality') and „Izvorno hrvatsko“ ('Originally Croatian').