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Care for our clients is the guiding light of all our visions for future development, while the feelings of trust and security we aim to impart are continuously added on and improved. This guarantees the market reputation we are building. Trust we build together. This Cookie Policy pertains to the Tommy d.o.o. company (also: Company) Internet pages, available at and

All changes to our Cookie Policy shall be published here.

Cookies Featured in Company’s Pages

The Company Internet pages use a technology known as cookies to simplify the use of our pages and enable certain functionalities with regard to improving the user experience and optimizing page content. Your voluntary consent enables the storage of cookies onto your computer, as well as which cookie groups you choose. Blocking cookie storage will not prevent you from accessing our Internet pages, however it may result in the loss of some functionality.

The Company shall not be held liable for any loss of functionality, of availability of service or of content quality resulting in a user’s rejection of cookies used on the Company’s Internet pages.


The Company Internet pages use temporary cookies, permanent cookies, as well as third-party cookies.

We use the following cookies:

  • Temporary cookies – session cookies, set at the start of an Internet browser session and removed from the computer immediately upon session termination. Websites use these cookies to store temporary information. We use them to enable access to content and keep a user logged in, for example if they are experiencing an unreliable Internet connection.
  • Permanent cookies – cookies stored on a computer after exiting from the browser for periods between 1 hour and 2 years. We use permanent cookies to harmonize page navigation with your habits.
  • Tommy cookies – these are set on your device by pages you have visited. They can be either temporary or permanent. The Company owns these cookies, and we are the sole recipient of the information they send. These cookies enable web pages to store information to be reused during the next visit to the same pages.
  • Third party cookies – the Company sets these on behalf of a third party, such as Google, Facebook and similar. These cookies send certain information to third parties, which then enable us to analyze collective information on user locations, age groups and similar.

In terms of acceptance, cookies can be grouped in three categories. Required cookies are installed during the opening of a page, whereas analytical and marketing cookies may be accepted as a group.

Required cookies

These cookies are necessary for the correct loading and proper functioning of a page; enable navigation among pages; enable verification and recognition of registered users; enable the identification of multiple unsuccessful login attempts.




Analytical cookies

These cookies enable the analysis of collective information regarding the use of our services in order to tailor our activities to our users’ demands and needs. Analytical cookies gather information such as browser version, operating system version, login info used, anonymized IP address, server request times and similar.

Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics


HotJar / Segment

Marketing Cookies

These cookies enable the analysis of collective information regarding the use of our web pages. Marketing cookies process information such as individual user IDs, pages visited, potential interests in certain products and similar. Their purpose is to enable us to show ads relevant to an individual user.

Google AdSense



Disabling Cookies

Users may adjust their browser settings in order to prevent our cookies from being archived on their device. For further information regarding cookie settings and disabling cookies, please select your web browser.

Several websites contain information on disabling cookies using various services:

Contact info

All questions, comments and requests regarding this Cookie policy are welcome, and should be addressed at the following:

  • Tommy d.o.o., 93 Domovinskog rata, 21000 Split, Croatia, labeled “Data Protection Officer”
  • Email address

In Split, November 2, 2021.

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