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Tommy Loyalty Card

Join the Loyalty Rewards Program and start collecting discount points today.

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What is the Tommy Loyalty Card?

The Tommy Loyalty program is meant to reward our most loyal clients, but also anyone who enjoys affordable shopping and is about to become a loyal member of the Tommy family.

That’s why we made a Tommy card on which you collect points on purchases at your favorite Tommy, earning super benefits for even more affordable shopping.

As good as it gets!

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What are the benefits of having a Tommy card?

If shopping at Tommy earns discount points and various benefits, that sounds like several good reasons to have your own Tommy card.

1 euro 1 point

Collecting points is a no-brainer.

Collect points while you shop with a Tommy card with ease. For every 1 euro spent, the Member is entitled to one reward point. Points are not accrued for purchases of tobacco products, printed materials, mobile phone vouchers, payments of 2D bar-coded bills, DPD redemptions or through recycled packaging deposits.

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Lower prices, higher benefits

We have provided additional discounts and benefits on top of sale prices. Of course, when you use your Tommy loyalty card.

Sign up for free, get lower prices!

Tommy cards are free of charge, whether physical or digital. Those who like having everything on their phone can sign up for the Tommy loyalty rewards program with just a few taps. All it takes is downloading the Tommy mobile app and filling out a digital application form. You can ask for a digital card whenever you like, even if you already carry a physical card in your wallet.

Physical or digital?
How about both!

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You can activate your digital Tommy card via our mobile application in just a few steps:

  • Download the Tommy app
  • Sign up
  • Enjoy the Tommy's Loyalty Rewards Program
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Of course, you can also have your physical card. All it takes is:

  • Bring a filled out sign up form to the nearest Tommy
  • A permanent Tommy card soon arrives at your mailing address
  • You can spend points using the permanent card
  • Until then you’ll be collecting points using a temporary card you get immediately after signing up

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