Ledo dumplings nougat milk 500 g

Ledo Dumplings Nougat Milk 500 G

2,99 €/pcs

Unit price: 5,98 €/kg

Dumplings - double filling nougat - milk 500g. Potato dough product stuffed with milk filling and nougat filling, quickly frozen. Double filling will give you twice as much pleasure, because potato dough dumplings are the first double filling dumplings made in Croatia. Milk and nougat fillings with a fine creamy texture and a rich taste of milk, chocolate and hazelnuts, together make a rounded dessert that will not leave you indifferent. Double-filled dumplings are designed to provide a unique blend of rich flavors, while making them easy and quick to prepare. They do not require thawing, and cook for only 12 minutes. Drain them lightly and sprinkle with fried crumbs. Anyone who doesn’t try double-stuffed dumplings doesn’t know what they’re missing.

Product description

ManufacturerLedo plus d.o.o., Marijana Čavića 1a, 10000 Zagreb
Country/place of originCroatia
Storage conditionsStore at - 18 ⁰C and below.
InstructionsPlace the frozen dumplings in moderately salted boiling water. Cook them for about 12 minutes. Remove the cooked dumplings from the water, drain and serve. Drizzle with melted butter or toasted bread crumbs if desired.

Nutrition facts

Energy value (kJ/kcal)1,355/322
Fats (g)11
of which saturated fats (g)2.3
Carbohydrates (g)50
of which sugars (g)13
Protein (g)5.6
Salt (g)0.91

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