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Taking into consideration the current circumstances and the need for an additional customer and employee protection, in the Tommy sales system we have enabled contactless payment without PIN-code authorization, for amounts up to HRK 250,00 for the following cards:

  • Raiffeisen banka (Visa, Maestro, MC),  
  • Zagreba─Źka  banka (Maestro,MC), 
  • ECC (Visa,Maestro,MC),  
  • Erste Erste banka (Visa, Maestro, MC), 
  • OTP banka (Maestro, MC)
  • PBZ (Visa premium)

For all the other payment cards, which, due to specific technological solutions have not adjusted the limits for contactless payment yet, we are expecting solutions and adjustment to new conditions as soon as possible, and we would like to ask our valued customers for understanding and patience in the transition period.

In addition to all the other preventive measures which we apply for our customers and employees, this is just another additional measure and benefit used to reduce the possibility of the virus spread and epidemic, as it reduces the money exchange between customers and cashiers.