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Taking into consideration the current market situation and the measures applied, as well as the impossibility to sell fresh fruit and vegetables in markets, Tommy would like to invite all domestic food producers who are able to and want to place their agricultural products in our sales network.

As a responsible company which has been continuously encouraging the economic development and a cooperation with domestic agricultural producers, we are nowadays cooperating with more than 200 Croatian food producers.

Products of domestic origin are an important part of our offer, and with this initiative we want to further increase their share in the offer, and thus directly encourage the preservation and development of the agricultural production in Croatia, especially at the local level.

We are ready to put our sales and logistics capacities into service, and to additionally enable the placement of goods of Croatian food producers, especially of small-scale producers and family-run farms (OPG).

In these exceptional circumstances, we would like to invite food producers who would like to start cooperating with Tommy to contact us directly regarding the buying-in of the products.

We would like to develop cooperation with domestic agricultural producers permanently and continuously.

Contact details: otkupopg@tommy.hr or 021 600 572